To become the leader in oil and gas services provider.

PT Putra Sejati Indomakmur (PSI) is an oil and gas services company which work fast, safe, and consistent to fulfill client’s satisfaction in the aim of becoming global company. We always provide the most competitive service and support for our client.

Headquartered in Jakarta, our field location are spread across Indonesia.


To be a leader in providing the best services in oil and gas industry


  1. To fulfill the need of our client with a satisfying result.
  2. Provide the fastest service with a guaranteed quality for our client.
  3. Develop a company that is well known in oil and gas industry through the concept of partnership

Why work with us?

To provide the best service, fast, safe, and precise preparation are our key procedure. For example, we only need 1 month to set up early production facility, and the production may begin.

Our Indonesian or multi-national oil company clients trust us by continuing their contracts indefinitely.

Yes, zero time-loss accident. Therefore your facility will not lose its production value, and all running well.